Leaves Turning Full Harvest Moon – Lunar Letter

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The upcoming full moon is September 10th and we have entered the power window. This letter, for subscribers only, offers methodologies for connection, clarity, and relief. Full moon is an opportunity for letting go what doesn’t serve you, and my writing sets a specific intention, provides exercises and ritual suggestions for each moon. Each letter’s offering is thoughtfully determined by seasonal, cultural, functional and astrological influences- I do the research and provide you with clear opportunities for ideal alignment of life work empowered by our natural environment.

When you utilize the lunar proclivities and calendar structure to do life work that alternates obstacle release with life design manifesting, the benefits are empowering in every way. With the guidance of these Lunar Letters, you will be able to fortify your journey with clarity of purpose, joy, vision, and connection.

Letters are emailed directly to subscriber inbox in the power window days prior to each new or full moon.

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