Lunar Letters

Receive an email before every new or full moon.

Connection makes a transformative difference.

Each letter has a specific intention, detailed exercises, and ritual suggestions. The practice strengthens your relationship with your truth, knowledge of self, and your environment.

There is no other offering like this one. The focus and productivity of this work is unique. We alternate release (full moon) with manifestation (new moon). In non lunar language, that’s goal setting and obstacle removal on a regularly scheduled basis, a practice that is indisputably helpful in strengthening, clarifying, and empowering your journey.

For the perpetually busy, or the occasionally overwhelmed, every email comes with a “limited capacity” section. You can commit to five short minutes of work and still reap terrific reward.

Subscriptions are $5 a month. About the cost of one latte, but much more filling.

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Find the most recent Lunar Letter here: New Moon – March 21st

Image of phases of the moon with text over them that reads "Illuminate Your Path"
There’s amazing opportunity in alignment with the rhythm of lunar phases.

Read my Intro to Lunar Letters blog if you want to understand more before subscribing.

Latest Blog Posts

Full Worm Moon

Everything is waking up, give yourself the tools of readiness for transition. Releasing emotion via acceptance of new specific behavior is transformational.

New Snow Moon

Make time to feel pleasure. Tools aplenty for you to feel good now… and more and more.


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