Writer. Performer. Producer. Body worker: swedish, deep tissue, lymphatic. Crystal/Stone Reiki Practioner. Light Worker. Every Day Magic Celebrant. Ordained Minister. Tarot reader. Mother. Seeker. Pluralist. Shaman. Nature Lover.  

This website has my performer information.

Details on things I am and have been, in sort of chronological but no particular importance order- but they convey various complexities of me:

Youth: Competitive classical singer. Singer with The Santa Fe Opera Company. Musical theater performer. Trained in dance: jazz, ballet, tap, modern and varieties taught in cotillion. Creative writer. Speech team award winner. Lettered in astronomy. Hebrew school student and then teacher. Seeker and world religions theology student. Philosophy reader. Saw spirits. Had premonitions. Was scared of my sight. Overcame eating disorders. Diagnosed learning disability. 

Musical theater college/conservatory. Studied Alexander Technique. Music and music theory. Received affirmations about the spirits I saw when I communicated the messages. Out of money and out of college early.

Immediately working in theater: as admin staff or creative, in production and performance. Playwright. Director. Producer. Massage school, where I realized I could hear information when I touched bodies, made to face my longtime empathic shamanic abilities. Learned multitudes of meditation tools. Studied crystal/stone reiki. Apprenticed with reiki master and various shaman. Received healing sessions of many modalities and studied those most resonant. Began my Tarot relationship. Continued theological study and personal connection feelings, made clear historical relationships with nature and our modern disconnect. I decided to intentionally connect. Developed lunar connection and ritual practices. Committed to my purpose of personal evolution. Assisted births. Assisted end of life body/spirit care. Wife. Mother. Moon Maven.

 We each contain unique traits, when we live true to those authentic traits, I see us as the bees keeping our beehive in balance.

The work is: nurture your light, make time to honor and learn your truth, find and use tools to protect and empower your uniqueness.

Shine so others may see.

I write to help others find their tools and their voices, for the betterment of the world beehive.

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