Intro to Lunar Letters

There are so many great and individual reasons to say yes to this work.

Connect your life and self-work and the structure of time as nature provides it. Empower personal progress with support from intention driven exercises and rituals. Design more authentically joyful goals. Enhance productivity. Improve life clarity, comfort, and connection. Get out of your own way. Move forward. Or just enjoy moon baths.

Over the past 20 years, I designed a productivity and stress relief process that brings great results and feels lovely to do, all of it is structured by the moon phases. I’ve often been asked to share my methods and I have witnessed them benefit others. This is why I offer a $5 per month subscription to Lunar Letters. You receive an email before every new and full moon, with a specific intention for the upcoming moon, prompts, exercises and ritual ideas. And because life gets real, and we don’t always have a lot of time, I offer a limited capacity section for peak accessibility.

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Here’s a simplistic overview of the rhythm of my moon work:

Full moon: release worries/fears/behaviors and as the moon diminishes in the sky, so does all you gave over.

New moon: design your future and as the moon grows to fruition so do your designs.

In non-lunar language this is a monthly obstacle analysis and monthly goal assessment, which is why these exercises are fruitful for anybody. However, a great trick of success and fulfillment is utilizing the tools that feel right for you, and these speak directly to my soul flame… so it catches fire and burns as bright as it can. I enjoy this particular type of life magic, which is why I’m best served doing self care and life work this way.

20 years ago, I evolved my relationship with lunar connection and it was a life revolution with tangible long-term benefits. Sitting in the moon’s light I feel peace, gratitude, center, I come to answers. I felt the moon’s impact long before I cultivated these intentional rituals. Letting that resonance lead me has been a miracle of transformational goodness and sharing that goodness brings me great joy.

If a moon motivated journey sounds right for you, subscribe to Lunar Letters now.

**** If you plan to subscribe and want additional background and foundational moon information, read on.

Theological/historical background: We are the first people in history to utilize a calendar that has nothing to do with the world in which we exist. The bold and italic are in hope that you really hear that statement, because when I truly heard it my mind was blown. Our primary calendar isn’t in relationship to season, agriculture, star maps, lunar activity, nothing with which we live that actually dictates time, dictates our time. The calendar intentionally takes us out of rhythm. Octo means, 8 and Deca 10. 30 & 31 days will take you just out of lunar cycle, which runs closer to 28 days. I could go on… The church wanted to be a world superpower so they gave the people a calendar to separate us from the power we contain when we live in rhythm with our environment. I learned that and felt its truth in my body. I knew I needed to take that connection and power back- this knowledge launched my personal revolution.

Building your moon relationship: Denoting the moon’s timing is step one, and if you subscribe to Lunar Letters you’ve taken that step. Other tools I have in house include a moon clock, a moon wall calendar, an app integrated on my phone. Talk to the moon, get conversational. Charge your instruments (I’m a crystal/stone person myself) in her light, but I charge my vessel (body) in her light too. The moon pulls the tides and we are mostly water, and so she moves us too. Note your energy in conjunction with her phases, because if you know how you ebb and flow with her you can utilize that to inform your routine and empower success and better feelings. Align your space clearing with new and full moon.

Resonant truth: Our feelings are a guidance scale, if you are honest and ready to listen, they are excellent teachers. With each moon you will have an opportunity to ask yourself questions and listen for answers. With this practice we become much better at hearing and trusting that voice, which is the essential piece of taking practical steps as you receive the inner nudge that is an answer. Your strength in intuition and in honoring your truth will grow, and that will reward you endlessly.

Use your tools: This is a thing that I say a lot, because I believe in it. Maybe you don’t know your tools yet and you are here because you seek tools. I have so many to share with you, you are in the right place. I’ve studied a great deal to find my tools *a study to which I see no end* and I’m excited to offer my knowledge to you.

Our uniqueness is our superpower: I’ll tell you my methods and my tools. I also love you finding or knowing your own. Try new things and if they resonate keep them. If you already have tools, incorporate them into ritual exercises to strengthen your connection and therefore success. In time and comfort, you will find ways to customize your rituals and enjoy your unique moon relationship. Contact me here or via facebook or instagram if you wish to share what works for you or to further discuss incorporating your tools in ritual.

Accessibility: Yes! This. Life is real. We get tired. We don’t have endless capacity. It is so important that you find rituals that you can actually get done. I encourage progress not perfection. Doing something is better than doing nothing. I promise you that. A little bit of lunar connection, with regularity, will make a big difference. I offer “limited capacity” suggestions in each Lunar Letter.

Power window: This relates to accessibility. The new and full moon power window is three days on either side. I use this information all the time. Lunar Letters will be emailed in days prior to the new or full moon so you have time to think and prepare, but if you miss the day itself please do not let that stop you. We are not here to do everything right, we are here to do something that means something.

Idealism: Heck yeah I’m going to go off in Lunar Letters about juicy amazing delicious moon opportunities, with writing prompts and fire and lightwork and intentional declarations, and if you are like “this is the thing I’m making time for, all of this” then I’m like “hell yes”. You do you, boo.


I’ve held many rituals for groups at my home, I have found large amounts of people resonate with these practices and so this offering was a natural evolution. Disconnecting is so easy to do in a world that tells you to look outwardly and find satisfaction in all you must buy, but there is tremendous comfort in connecting to what is here with us always, providing a framework of guidance, balance, and light.

Among many things… I am a shaman, lightworker, crystal/stone reiki master, long time energy & body worker, and moon witch. Connecting with nature is my truth and salvation, it has rooted me and set me free. This offering is friendly to people of all spiritual identities. This is not an astrology practice. This work is outside of the norm, a totally uniquely constructed method. It simultaneously provides structure and opens limitless vision.

Blessed be.

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