New Moon New Year…

Time for manifestations… declarations… dreams… desires… goals… aspirations… resolutions.


I’m tired y’all. I love manifesting work. I love free dreaming. I love making goals that are new and true and seeing them to fruition. But today, in this new year and on this new moon, it all feels like work and I am at capacity in just so many ways. I’ve decision fatigue from examining every choice for safety in this new Covid world and then re-examining when variables change, and I’m not alone. It’s a fucking lot. You have my total empathy and sympathy and love if you are going through your version of these feels.

After working on a substantially different blog, thick with good information, but also just like thick in read and work of it, I put it aside in order to do something completely different. If the fun stuff feels like too much hard work, it’s gone off track already. I’m bringing in the fun by bringing in the accessibility.

Here’s a 20 minute goal/dream/2022 manifestation jam sesh for the limited capacity people.

Get on your easiest living document flow kinda paper. I suggest living document so that you can refer to it later and make notes on progress or changes. Use google drive or word or the notepad on your phone or a pen and paper or a motherfing sketch pad. You know your most aligned tools, use them. Grab the thing that’s easiest and most accessible and lean ALL THE WAY IN.

The BLOG I WROTE in December has some lovely more detailed manifesting steps and space clearing steps, and if you have time you can definitely utilize them. But if you need something fast and furious, this blog is for you. And me.

Here we go! Set a timer if that helps. Tell your people you need twenty minutes.

Think big. Think small. Write down detailed minutia. Write grandiose ideas. The grass doesn’t strain to grow, it just grows. Your ego tries to dictate to you the big and small, as though one is more achievable than the other, but every single thing makes the difference that leads you to better better better.

Don’t worry about how. That’s not the work of today. Write down the what.

The why is likely simple, it is signaled by a warm feeling inside you, a smile crossing your face, a mood boost, a deep breath, a weight lessened, a face relaxing, a sign of relief or happiness. Listen to your vessel, its gestures are telling you about the rightness and priority of your goals.

Topics: Finance, relationships, daily activities, home, body, health, joy, play, personal development, contribution.

How can you improve your life in regard to each of these topics? What feels good for you in each topic?What would eliminate stress in each of these categories? Dream boards aren’t all cruise ships and mansions, don’t judge the boring. This past year I achieved some very mundane goals that made terrific difference in carrying less stress and feeling more security on a daily basis. This year I know that “creating a grocery budget that empowers easier meal planning and saves money” is a goal, and frankly that tedium sounds exciting as hell to me. When that goal is achieved it will be a revolution for my mental health, physical health, and pocketbook – knocking it out the park in three categories!

Remember your given circumstances and honor your capacity. Given circumstances are the truths of the conditions of your environment. These times have changed goals for a lot of people, maybe your previously visioned goal is not currently in existence in society, maybe it doesn’t feel safe for you. Maybe it’s all so confusing it makes your head spin. If you start to write a goal and the feels get rough, stop yourself. When/if it feels right again later you can always add it to a list then. Put your energy toward what you know. Stick to what feels right, what is straight forward and not convoluted. Do not spend time on the rest. Don’t answer questions that feel too big. If you get bogged down while trying to name a goal, stop, ask yourself if you can simplify the goal or move on to what is ready to flow.

Stop knocking on closed doors and go through the open ones.


***** MAJOR EDIT HERE. I came in 24hrs after publishing and removed this original section.****

A totally new move for me but I removed a paragraph about taking steps to actualize goals. It’s too much right now. Seriously. Just unleash some dream vision of whatever you can actually let flow. We will discuss “how to” in effective ways for the at capacity people later.

Right this moment, the how resides in the prompts for your dreaming. How will you feel better better better in 2022 and beyond? How will you live better better better? How will you smile more, laugh more, feel safer, feel more vibrant, feel more authentically you?

Jot it down. Now. I’ll join you. It won’t take long. Twenty minutes. Guaranteed feel better after. We got this.

Blessed be.


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