Let Go B4 You Go

I’ve got to say, I’m kind of in love with the ways of the lunar calendar this year. I’m stoked to utilize the phases to keep me clear, focused, motivated, propelled forward ever toward the better better better.

We are three days from the last full moon before new year.

Are you looking ahead to the new year and wondering what resolutions you’ll make? Do you know what you want in 2022? Does the question feel too big? Time feel too short? If you feel confused, unclear, too busy, disconnected, or like plugging in goals from bygone years for simplicity sake… perhaps an embrace of this lunar timeline and ritual process will speak to you as well.

I’m very happy to have a full moon before new year (FMB4NY) ritual that helps me walk the path to a new plan.

Here’s the ritual, a big release of clutter and heavy inner schmutz, with a side of joyful dreaming to drive you forward.

Release the clutter! This means mind garbage, physical clutter, relationship fluff, and obstacles, both real and imagined, that stand between you and your goals and dreams.

First, do you feel too far from goals or dreams to define them with detail? That’s ok. Release the pressure of a detailed list and focus on your feelings.

This exercise can take 5 minutes if that’s all you have, more if you wish, and is rewarding any and every time:

Categories are: home, body, relationships (romantic/friendly/and with yourself), career, daily experience, purpose, finance. Write the first category, then pause, close your eyes, imagine yourself feeling really good in that category, vision what makes you smile, think of ways you already feel good and things you imagine that will feel even better. Wait until the vibe fills you and then open your eyes and write.

I find that putting some energy toward what feels good really elucidate what doesn’t feel good. So… now… release some clutter.

Say aloud and write down this or some variation: “I am ready to get out of my own way. I am ready to let go of what doesn’t serve me and move forward to better better better.”

Look at what you wrote about the feel goods. What is currently standing in your way? How are you standing in your own way? Are you ready to get out of your own way?

Write: I RELEASE. Write down whatever obstacles you experience and foresee. Note: often when I’m writing obstacles it feeds my goal list because it clarifies a step to take to address an obstacle. Also, I like to burn the obstacle list in final ritual, so extracting useful goal insights on a paper I keep is particularly useful.

The rest of this ritual can happen on the full moon day or in the power window of three days on either side. Take your release list outside. Talk to the moon. If you are newly making a relationship with the moon, just say hello, thank her for shining light on you. Speak from your heart. Explain that you are going to ask for the moon’s help and release over your fears and worries and as that as she diminishes in the sky, so do those fears/worries. Read out loud what you are releasing. Burn the paper when you are done.

My ritual work will continue during the waning moon. I’ll do physical release of clutter. I don’t have much time or capacity. I’ll lean on what’s easy. As I always say, progress not perfection. The best way to get anything done is to let it happen easily/imperfectly, lean into what is accessible for you. Take a trash bag to each room and fill it with items to give or throw away. Sometimes it’s easier for me to give away an item a day. Do what works. Look to the good vibe list you made before clearing clutter, it will help remind you of the feels you want and the priorities you truly hold. Question if an item fits your need? Look to the priority list.

Cleaning. I don’t have a lot of time for that right now. The house needs it though. I need it. I’ll wipe down walls as I’m able. I’ll set a ten minute alarm during naps. Scrub here and there. I’ll smoke ceremony and do light work to grid the house. Those are the tools I know and love to clear energy in my space. You lean into the tools you know and love. Candles? A diffuser? Live flowers? So many great ways to make your space feel good. I look at this work as setting me up for success in receiving the good new things. Clearing out what doesn’t vibe makes space for what does.

By the end of all this you are in a better place for the manifesting ritual for 2022! January 2nd is the first new moon of the new year, which is super exciting. I’m stoked to jump into the year with the power of the new moon empowering new year visions.

I wrote of my new moon before new year (NMB4NY) ritual previously, that blog can be found HERE. Though this new moon ritual will be different, I’ll have a working business plan – I’m the business – for myself for 2022 by then. Still working on my book that will teach you all how to do that for yourself as well. Don’t worry, that first draft will be done by the end of this year and I’ve got the edited/completed copy on the list for 2022.

Interested in getting lunar ritual information like this on a regular basis? Join MY BRAND NEW PATREON and I will email you about moon phase rituals before every new or full moon so that you can pull from my tool suggestions, find your own and get yourself working with the power of the natural rhythm.

Sending y’all love and wishes for heavy to be exhaled and light to take it’s space. As I always say…

Better. Better. Better.

*Truly I say that so often my two year old now says it unprompted*

Blessed be.


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