New Sturgeon Moon – Lunar Letter

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This special blog content is by subscription only and offers a specific intention for the upcoming moon, exercises to aid manifesting clarity, and moon ritual suggestions. These letters will help you connect your life work to lunar rhythm. Celebrate the new moon on August 27th, and amplify its impact on your life.

My moon work is unlike any other offerings. It centers around the basic principle of new moon being used for manifesting, or clarity of life design vision and full moon as a time for release, or obstacle removal. The constancy of lunar movement, when used with this framework, makes tangible life changes.

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Uniquely, this is not about astrology, it is about establishing a useful connection to the natural environment in which we live. It is about tuning in to how time really speaks to and through us. It is about active listening and active dreaming, releasing and receiving.

My subscribers receive an email prior to every new and full moon. I’ve been doing this work for twenty years, and it is life changing and affirming. If you see this work benefiting you, subscribe now.


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