Digging Beaver Full Moon

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Subscribers to Lunar Letters and receive an email before every new and full moon. I do the work of assessing societal, cultural, astrological proclivities of the moon, and determine how to connect with each specific moon. This is a highly productive way to align life work with natural rhythm, it’s fortifying and empowering. And each Lunar Letter offers a “limited capacity ritual” for when you want to do something to denote the moon’s phase and improve your quality of life, but you only have five minutes.

This moon’s name is a merging of two historical names – it marks the time the Beaver begins to take shelter in their lodge, having completed their necessary stores and Digging is for all the animals finishing the collection of stores before getting into their own cozy den. Yes, I love the double entendre. And yes, for all the reasons, this mood has led me to create exercises and ritual that honor bringing all the nurturing mother energy into your stores for the upcoming season.

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Full moon with rainbow sparkles on it's side and text in center that reads "Digging Beaver Full Moon"

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