New Moon Before Samhain

New Sanguine Hunter Moon – October 25th (3:48pst)

This Lunar Letter content is for subscribers only.

Subscribers to my premium content receive an email before every new and full moon. I do the work of analyzing cultural, spiritual, agricultural, societal, astrological properties of this particular moon and I provide intentional exercises and ritual opportunities. Each full moon is for releasing (fear or worry or obstacles) and each new moon is for manifesting. The constancy of doing life work in cooperation with the innate proclivities of how the moon moves you is so productive and transformative.

I also offer a “limited capacity” connection ritual in each Lunar Letter, so that you can participate even if all you have is 5 minutes. This allows you to truly feel the benefit of aligning life work with the rhythm of the lunar phases, using the frequency of moon turning to bring balance in your journey.

Continue the connection, allow yourself grace, progress not perfection, and all forward momentum.

Join now and unlock this powerful new moon offering.

A witch in a wooded area, shes in black cloak with broom and hat. Text reads "New Moon before Samhain. The veil is thin. Call Out To Your Helpers."

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