Root While The Rest Spins

Mercury went retrograde and the moon is still in virgo. I am feeling it and I’m not alone. So I decided to shout out a little as a reminder for others who may find the same energy swirling.

When things swirl the helpful mantra question is, “Where should I put my focus right now?” The answer in Virgo? It’s practical. Clean. Do laundry. Wash walls. Purge trash. Unsubscribe. Don’t spend.

For any of my lunar letters subscribers you may remember the commitment to clearing clutter that was made last full moon was intended to continue through to this one. So, keep on keeping on and get that clutter gone!

One of many current energetic examples: Yesterday, I spent four hours trying to resolve electronic form issues that met literally every obstacle you can imagine after trying in so many ways to fix things. In the end I made a phone call and was told “oh yeah that issue is an issue, don’t do the thing you spent four hours on”.

It stunk and was frustrating but you know what? I should have called earlier and not wasted the hours. Don’t knock on the closed doors. Go through the open ones.

Clear your space. Root your feet, standing in bare foot on the earth helps. Take three cleansing deep breaths releasing old energy and welcoming new and good. Stretch your body. Drink a cup of water. Like, right now. Give your body good fuel and healthful treats. Cultivate your spiritual, physical, emotional core.

Remember the right now in your mantra focus question. A mantra question is meant to be repeated, repeat as needed when swirling happens. One focus at a time will help the swirling stop.

Always looking ahead means losing sense of secure footing. Tend what you already have and the earth will hold you more firmly. From that strength you are fortified.

Be where you are. Focus. And be gentle with you, you deserve it.

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