Lunar Letter

New Moon is April 30th

Below is a teaser for the opening of my subscriber only Lunar Letter content. I share this to give you a clear idea of the kind of material you could receive from me before every new or full moon.

****Y’all know I love a new moon, and this one is a whole vibe, I’m feeling it. There’s been a lot of pent up energy pushing people for change. New moon is great for change.

During transformational times… can you allow yourself to transform? In these pointedly transformation times I’ve asked myself that with frequency. I’ve answered it too. I know I’m not the only one. Refuse to transform and the resistance fills your experience, but transforming takes work, starting with figuring out what you want now.

The now is vital because we have a tendency to entrench ourselves in old expectations. The world has changed. You have changed. Let your dreams change too. The intention for this new moon is clarifying and calling out your vision for the specific area of your life that feels most in need of help.

My child is such a fan of Princess and the Frog, I’m frequently hearing Mama Odie talk about people figuring out what they need, not just what they want. I’m also having a lot of conversations with friends about this level of need lately. In impassioned times we can get tunnel vision, cap the dream, and leave out quality of life desires. Then we manifest sloppily, birthing situations that lack in fulfillment. In P and the F, one wants to own a restaurant, the need is love – the other wants a life of flashy fun, the need is love. The answer is all those things. The following ritual exercises honor the instinctual “area of your life that needs the most help”, and enrich it by representing your joyfully connected quality of life.

We have entered this moon’s power window. I recommend doing the contemplation and tangible section of this ritual throughout the next several days. Preparation for new moon is great, it enriches your clarity and gets you emotionally invested in your life design. Emotionally charged moon ceremonies have powerful outcomes.****

The content continues with descriptive exercises to let yourself start fresh, unleash your truth, and figure out what you need and want. Then I explain how to bring all of that to a conversation with the new moon on Saturday.

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