A Full Moon 4 Everyone

February 16th Full Moon

My Lunar Letters are generally for subscribers only, but they are getting some special content next week, so this Lunar Letter is for everyone. A Lunar Letter is sent before every new or full moon, and provides guidance on interacting with the natural rhythm to strengthen your relationship with yourself.

Tomorrow is a full moon and that means release. As the moon diminishes in the sky, so too does what you give over during this ritual. So the question is…?

What are we releasing this time?

Anything and every thing that diminishes our celebration of ourselves.

The theme is inspired by two things, the last blog I wrote on honoring one’s own potential, and the freedom found in separating expectations and achievements from the acts of honoring your potential. Yesterday was love day and I’ve been contemplating what it means to love oneself, without caveats of change, but right now, as you are. That love will take you places, just like honoring your potential will, but removing expectations of outcomes is wildly rewarding, and opens up the possibilities of receiving greater rewards than you otherwise limit yourself in dreaming.

Love You As You Are Now
Show up for yourself today.

AS ALWAYS, SKIP TO THE BOTTOM OF THE BLOG FOR THE LIMITED CAPACITY RITUAL. If you’ve only five minutes to devote to this effort, that section is for you.

Identifying what you need to release takes work, but it will feel like an exhale. You are going to clear the mental/physical/behavioral clutter to make space for what matters and give yourself room to grow.

Let the work of this ritual feel good by continually resting back into the feelings of yourself in your power and potential.

Forever reminder: Use the tools that are most comfortable and well suited for you. Notebook and pen, free speaking or thinking, drawing pad, google doc. I often start with mental contemplation until I’m moved to take notes, which start free and messy and are consolidated prior to moon conversation. … if I have time. If you live in company, voice your need for time and space for this work.

The contemplation.

Tap into the right feelings: Feeling yourself steeped in the good vibes helps you acknowledge and separate the rest. Appreciate the potential you contain, our strongest talent is not our only area of potential. Potential exists well outside of what is marketable about us. What does it look/feel like to honor the potential of your body, your brain, your spirit, your relationships, your love, your ability to relax? Take several breaths in as you feel yourself strong and wonderful in the peak of your being.

Terrific. You are ready to write… or draw… at the top of the page write: “I release:” start with what immediately surfaces. Anything that stands in contrast to the power you just vibed on, write it down. Get it out. Be done with it. Get out of your way. Let yourself vomit it all out. Big or small, stressors add up and every little thing can be released. Let the full moon be a reset, a clean slate.

Remember all varieties of release categories: fears, worries, stresses, activities, relationships, behaviors. Ask yourself what in each of the categories listed above stand in the way of your honoring your potential? Get real with yourself. Be ready to release things you know yourself to be or do if they are standing in your way.

And I’m adding in another big one here: expectations. Release the damn expectations, y’all. It does not mean that you will stop achieving. There will still be outcomes for your actions. Great achievement can be birthed from living moment to moment in acts of love for yourself and your inherent potentials. When you do for yourself, free from expectation, you welcome all the strength, without any of the fear of success or fear of failure issues.

Now add one more: release your caveats of self love. Write them down and release them. If you say I will love myself when xyz – note those things, they may be good information about change you seek, they may be change that would be a good evolution for you. But, you deserve love now. No caveat. You can give yourself love now, as you are. And from the love you give today, the love you actively show yourself everyday, you will grow in wonderful ways. I assure you that. When you see yourself as deserving now, you tend yourself with greater care and compassion, and in that love space you give yourself the opportunity to bloom and to shine.

Get tangible.

Get it on paper. All the work you did above will reveal the multitudes of your feels, but now you can clean it all up into a concise list before offering it to the moon. This doesn’t need to look pretty, it needs to feel like it represents everything you are ready to let go of.


Great work so far. Now, this part is the juicy goodness of connection that seals the deal. Time to be with the moon. Ideally you can get outside for this, there is certainly benefit from being out and under a moon you can see and talk to and feel. Bathing in her light is a healing experience and I recommend it during any lunar phase. However, a patio, a parking lot, a beautiful nature spot, sitting by a window, sitting on your couch, all of these are viable options – your location never needs to stop you from having a connection with the moon.

Take the list you wrote to your chosen ritual place. It is time to be in conversation. Conversing with the moon is a skill that will grow more comfortable the more you do it. I will offer wording along the way, find your own words any chance you can.

Greet the moon. Say hello, appreciate aloud the full moon in its place, how its presence feels to you. Tell the moon you are going to release all that doesn’t serve you and as she diminishes in the sky, so too will all you are giving over. Read what you wrote and then just keep talking until you feel done. Sometimes I say things I know are big and I get emotional, sometimes I say something I thought was little and I become emotional. Make space for your feelings. Once your words are all said, burn the paper. Sometimes I curse. Sometimes I just like to say “I’m done with you!” Your words need to feel right for you, there is no other rightness to consider. HOWL.

Express aloud gratitude for the moon, for the opportunity to release.

Take a deep breath in and release it slowly. Roll your shoulders. Relax your face. Shake your body, shake it all off.

Additional ways to observe and ritual with full moon time are listed below.

Full moon with birds flying and the words say, Let Fly.
Let it fly so you can.

Limited capacity ritual:

Sit wherever you can, best somewhere under the moon, but anywhere will do. Say hello to the full moon. Tell her that you are ready to give over all the things that do not serve you and stand in the way of you honoring your potentials. List them aloud. List your stress, fear, behavior. Say, “I’m ready to get out of my own way. I’m ready to let go of everything that takes of my time/space/energy and doesn’t make me feel good. Help me to identify it and release it.” Thank the moon. Take three deep breaths with slow release. Shake your body and say I’m shaking it all off. Done. Only the good vibes will stay with me. Howl.

Blessed be.

Additional ways to denote full moon day:

Release physical items not serving you. Throw away a bag of trash from your bathroom cabinets. Donate a bag of items you no longer need.

Take a salt bath. Do a special skin scrub. Sweat.

Clean your home.

Wipe down your walls.

Drink extra water. Honestly, this seems so simple and it is, but it is also transformational.

Drink a special cup of tea under the moon.

Wish others a happy full moon.

Make space for yourself to be vulnerable.

Do a smoke ceremony or charcoal burning for energy clearing.

Utilize meditation or lightwork for space protection or chakra clearing. I have some blogs with meditation offerings if you seek tools in this arena.

Pump yourself up with affirmations of your worth.

Light a candle and list aloud all you are grateful for.

Stand in each room in your house and declare intentions for the space. “This house is a place for good energy to grow, full of productivity, creativity, laughter, love. The food made in this kitchen strengthens our bodies and fuels our dreams. Etc” this is 100% stream of consciousness.

Journal about your mood and note whether you are productive/inspired/internal/sensitive/grumpy/lonely/extroverted, etc. Noting how you feel around each phase of the moon is the first step in utilizing the way you naturally are moved to your life advantage.

***Full moon can be chaotic. In noting the lunar cycles and how they move me – I have learned – I may want to be wild around full moon but introversion serves me best. It is time to go inward. I can be productive but I must be gentle and intentional. Listening to that means leaning into activities that tend my needs tenderly. I put extra focus on the good, because the challenges get louder. I take time with myself and quiet outside noises. I wait on big decisions. You do you. Listen to your feels and honor them.

Inhale the good, the new. Feel cleansed by your release. Exhale the bullshit.

You are ready to fly. Spread your wings and leap.

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