I’ve been thinking about my potential a lot lately. Potential can be intimidating. Potential is your gifts, your abilities, embraced and empowered and lived to their utmost. That’s pretty big, right?

So, we shy from our big. We worry we will try to meet our potential and fall short, we pull back and settle into unlived potential. We simultaneously feel guilt about not honoring potential. Such a strange cycle and honestly, I’m over it.

Maybe this great gift came because I’ve just turned 40, but I’ve no fucks to give, except where I really want to give them. Hurray! The freedom!

Do you know what I have realized? I want to honor my potential. The gifts I’m given, including the time I have to honor those gifts- I want to show all of it my gratitude by stepping up and stepping in with every chance. Now. Because if not now, when? What the heck do we wait for? I’m not going to let anyone else take my potential from me. No one can dim this light, not even me, not anymore. This is the journey. No time is guaranteed. I am finally ready.

Image text "You should give a fuck. You really should, but only about things that set your soul on fire. Save your fucks for magical shit."

I’m letting go of the fucks that are limiting me in any way. Embracing and growing the fucks related to my limitless powers. I’m sharing with you because I want to cheerlead my hope for you to do the very same. Live in your epic potential. Celebrate it.

Our potential is well rounded too. It’s in our love, our vessels, our relaxation, our brains, our relationships, even in the things we keep and certainly in those we tend and how we tend them.

Actions don’t always have the outcomes we want, so separating expectation and potential is vital. I have realized that often my insecurities don’t stem from outcomes, they come from knowing when I’ve not honored my potential.

How do I know if I’m honoring my potential? It’s the little voice. It’s the little inner me voice that nags/whispers/screams. I’m listening. Doing what I’m told to do.

So far? It has been pretty great. I’m not suddenly check-marking extraordinary achievement expectations, but again, I’m realizing that isn’t actually what honoring potential is about. A realization that’s overdue and incredibly freeing.

Honoring the little voice is boosting my confidence, keeping me centered and making me feel stronger by the moment. Turns out that honoring one’s inner voice is super fulfilling in many ways.

We are on approach to the full moon and I’m excited to do rituals that boost intuitive trust and release blocks that inhibit living your life in its potential. If lunar rituals guidance sounds good to you, subscribe to my LUNAR LETTERS.

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