Let it go

Today, right now, for the next couple of days, RELEASE. Let now be the time. Let it go.

Today and tomorrow are the last couple of days in 2020 and then we have a new year upon us. Glorious. I embrace new beginnings at any time and end of year/beginning of year is a wonderful time to take an overview of life and make space for an overhaul.

When we clear away what we are done with, we make space for all the new we cultivate.

In order to do this work, you may consider multitudes of types of things with which you are done:


I’m clearing out closets like I am a madwoman. There is so much for me to let go of in this realm. I am a year postpartum but considering trying for another baby soon. I’m currently below my pre-pregnancy weight but my body shape has changed and what is it now? What will it be soon? When will it be what again? Add to those questions the questions about what job I will work next and when and the pandemic complication of when or if I’ll be in public… well… there’s a real cyclone of complications that has me keeping many things. But here’s the truth, I have very small closets and a surplus of things, including items that I like to wear now, items that feel good on my body now. Those items deserve space. Also, in doing this work, I am asserting trust that whenever my life changes to needing other and different clothes I will be in a position to obtain them for myself. What items are around you that no longer serve you? Take to your closets! Take to your cupboards!

FYI I needed help with this purge. Yesterday, when I started I could feel myself hesitating and not releasing enough stuff, recognizing that I felt guilt in getting rid of items I bought and didn’t give much wear before outsizing or changing lifestyle. So I reached out, I texted two people closest to me and asked what to do. They helped me. They suggested to keep items with meaning to me and to get rid of all the rest. To let things that are 4 sizes too small go completely. Their words were freeing and the support I needed. It also helps me to release items when I know that they are going somewhere they will be loved so I pulled two adorable outfits for a friend and texted her how she’d love them and she agreed she would! Feels good and motivating.

If you recognize that you have barriers around your release, ask for support from someone who knows you. And/or get honest with yourself and say the barrier out-loud so you can address them. Real talk with yourself is critical to advancement. If you find yourself procrastinating or not making choices as bold as you imagined you want them to be, ask yourself why and let yourself ramble an answer as long as is needed to get out the truth. Then let that truth motivate you! ie I felt stalled on two particular outfits I love, thought of someone who would love them and was much more motivated to release them knowing they will make her happy.


Ohhhhhh man…. back to that “Real talk with yourself is critical to advancement” thing. Woof. Well okay. This biggie should be judgement free. Why? Because in doing this practice you are doing something wonderful, deciding to do good self-work to release behavior that doesn’t serve you and so you need not also judge yourself harshly for said behavior. Why not instead judge yourself awesomely for being brave enough to confront your own unhealthy patterns and shift them?!

In this process I look at ways I fall short in my own eyes or what I don’t find ideal in my lifestyle or ways I feel unhealthy, etc. It’s interesting because in truth one way I fall short is that I often don’t give myself the credit deserved. I need to work on believing in myself more. So how do I make that an active behavior commitment? I will speak more positively about myself and be aware of my language so I can effectively eliminate negative self-talk. So this is a note to remember to utilize my tool of positive affirmation with more frequency as well. What else? I’ve been loving my new skin care regimen so that behavior I’ll keep. Saving money and paying off debt has been going well, I’m going to pay off all my debt with increased dedication by also thinking about every purchase in terms of its long-term importance if I’d rather be debt free or have a safer future or own that item. I know I do best when I’m well hydrated and when my body is moving so I’ll be sure to keep those behaviors in mind and stay fit and dedicated to healthy diet and water intake and physical movement and exercise. I have also been getting pinged a lot this year by wanting to make a greater impact on the world in a positive way that is authentic to me and my NMB4NY ritual has made a lot of those goals clear, so in consideration of those goals, I will minimize my procrastination on phone or during baby nap windows and I will embrace productivity in my writing. I don’t get a lot of moments to myself but I will elect to use the moments I have to be truthfully fulfilled, remembering that my core happiness is in a balance of body/mind/soul tending.

To sum up, RELEASE: negative self-talk, extraneous superfluous spending, dehydration, unfulfilling food, stagnation of body and brain, procrastination on phone.


I feel fortunate in this category because there are not many relationships in my life now that I need to release. I have done that work many years though, and I recommend it even though it isn’t easy. There is something interesting I recently heard on TV that has me thinking about relationships very differently. I’m going to paraphrase because I blog while the baby sleeps, and who has time to look up the actual quote? On “The Crown” the character of Margaret Thatcher says something about how she has never been bothered by the idea of having enemies. That really floored me. I am too effected by judgements of others and it has held me back in more ways than I’d like to admit but in so many that I honestly would never have the time to admit anyway. To not only not care what others think but expect to have enemies and be nonplussed by them astounded me but there is so much power in that! And listen, I’ve no desire to be Margaret Thatcher but something in me raised awareness at that statement and it has been shifting with regard to relationships.

So what am I ready to release of relationships? I am ready to live my authentic self out loud and make no apology for how it does not appeal to all people. For instance, when I started this website and blog I created new fan pages and on my personal social media I told people that if they vibe with my hippie ways they should check it out but not if they don’t care for that part of my person. But why separate like that? Who am I protecting? Why not offer myself up wholly as I am and let them decide how they feel about it? There are many whom I love that I also don’t always vibe with, but I actually do learn from them and I appreciate their teachings sometimes too.

My first major life shift with crystal/stone work taught me this lesson almost twenty years ago, and I’m still living it now, evolving stronger and stronger in my commitment to being all I am. I’ll be 39 in less than a month, I’d like to feel like I’m fully loud in my power by 40. 2021, I plan to live like a lion. Hear me RAWR.

I laid on the floor with a question in my mind, “What am I?” Reiki masters set near 30 stones on my body as my mind continued to roominate, “What am I?” I had been a performer but then my intuitive sense had opened during massage school and while doing bodywork on others I could hear about their lives and my years of seeing and talking to spirits and having premonitions all started to collide with this new development and I couldn’t deny what was happening. But, still I was an artist and performer, I was also a playwright, and as I received shamanic work and studied shamanic work and apprenticed reiki and went to this crystal/stone reiki workshop, I continued to ask for clarity on my bigger picture life purpose…. “What am I?” I’d recite the list of options. The question kept coming back and back and back “You are” “You are” “You are” and the list was returned to me. Aragonite placed on my crown, ego was removed from Divine connection. We sometimes forget that ego doesn’t only make one pompous, it also imposes limitations on oneself that often aren’t real. Without ego getting in the way of Divine connection and minimizing my capacity, I finally heard it. The message finally got through to me. “You are” “You are” “You are” all the things. All of those listed attributes, they are not in battle. They are not at odds or at war. I am all the things. And so this year I will be all the things and I am excited to be them fearlessly and fully.

Release: criticism from others of me and my ways.

Take me or leave me, I am what I am.

Image from frozen, text overlay reads: Keep Calm and Let It Go

Enjoy your full moon release! Let that shit GO!! Write a list and burn it away if you want. Call to the moon what you release! Tomorrow call out these releases and command them to be done in 2020 and make room for the new in 2021 – open your doors and windows so they can fly (I know, it’s cold but just take a couple minutes). Then sage the heck out of your house. Grid if you are inclined and wipe down any walls that feel like they need it. Get that old energy gone. Do a body scrub, wash your hair, exfoliate, hydrate extra, shoot apple cider vinegar if you can (this nursing mama misses the unfiltered good stuff), clean some mess, donate some things.

I believe in you. You are ready. The time is now. The time is always now and you are always ready. Progress not perfection. Do what you can. Let it flow. Let it go. Be motivated. Stay motivated. You are doing a great job. You are worth it and every step forward is a step toward better.

Sending you all my love and well wishes for a 2021 that is better, better, better.


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