Light Work: How To

Light Work is glorious. This blog is about:

Where to begin… How to grow… and Rituals worth Ritualizing.

You’ve likely heard the term,  but what does Lightworker mean? I’ll describe some tactics to cultivate light, create light, and to utilize it in practice. In essence, light working is another aspect or tactic of meditation and energy work, an opportunity to actively connect with self and greater powers and channel universal/global and uniquely personal inner Divine energy into visualization of light projection that is used for multitudes of purposes. This practice can help you center yourself, clear space, protect space, make yourself feel more secure in any given moment, transform atmosphere, and so much more… I find the opportunities near limitless.

I’ve been a lightworker in regular practice for about 17 years, though I’ve always been a lightworker in capacity and I was first instructed in lightwork when I was about 5. When I was a child my parents divorced and at 4 years old I moved with my father, step-mom, and 3 siblings, states away from my mother. I couldn’t sleep at night and saw spirits regularly, I’d go to my loving step-mom and keep her awake as I suffered from nightmares for years. Eventually she taught me this first light work tactic for basic protection that her aunt had taught her, it was my first connection to light work and it was immediately effective for calming and comforting me.

Basic Protection:

Wrap yourself clockwise in light 3x. That’s how simply it begins. This is awesomely effective and gets you used to the main concept of light visualization. Also, this is a terrific way to grow your work with light. Different colors have different effects on psyche re: color therapy and if angel or esoteric being relationships are your vibe, those also have different color relationships. Gold and magenta are highly non-penetrative colors to use and so practicing with is very useful because they will come up time and again. Light blue is connected to Archangel Michael or the esoteric being responsible for protection and keeping out negative energy. Pink is good for softening and heart chakra energy, Archangel Ariel or the angel with feminine energy related to the moon who can emanate light in the dark. Bright blue and green are good for vitality and health.

It’s also good to utilize the wrap in different tiers. Say I’m nervous about flying, I will wrap myself 1 time, maybe myself and partner on the 2nd time and then the whole plane. Perhaps I’m in bed and not comforted to sleep, so I’ll wrap myself, then self and bed, then entirety of home. Playing with/practicing your light work will help you improve your ability to use it quickly and effectively when needed.

Core Filling:

This is a so fulfilling and it is the root of greater light work. You see, you don’t want to just direct out light because you will deplete yourself, you need first to connect to the sources that are ever available for replenishing you. In fact, a friend once reminded me to stop sending everything out all the time and keep some for myself and just let it fill me sometimes! That reminder remains important. I tend to be a constant giver and receiving (and more so resting into JUST receiving) is a challenge. But there is great power and progress in the allowance of fulfillment. If you have read my blog before you may recognize this flow, it is a favorite and oft used because it is the root of my reiki and my chakra clearing as well.

Ground yourself by putting your bare feet on the earth. This is awesome outside, of course, but don’t let that stop you from doing it anywhere/anytime.  Now, grow pipes from the arch of your feet. Grow them down into the earth crust, grow them deeper in soil and then deep through all earth layers and into the fire orange yellow magma core of the earth’s body. Now pull that earth energy in its color (light work) up through the pipes and into your body, pull that gold fire energy into your feet and up your legs, fill your pelvic region and your organs and your chest and your neck and your head, fill the front body and the back body so you now emanate with that light.

Now, connect to ethereal Divine relationship from sky atmosphere and beyond, this energy is purity of Divine love and travels in a crystalline light blue color, pull this energy down to you and open the crown chakra to receive this light in through the top of your head. Melt this with the fire energy in your body, let the two colors merge into a clean gold and fill the second light down your body just as you filled up the first light.

Now,  that your body is full of light you can do anything! To chakra clear: project this light out each chakra one at a time. Keep it for yourself and stay full of that powerful renewal energy. Or read on for more methods of light direction and utilization.

Directing Light Out of Your Hands:

#1 Do the core filling technique. When moving on to the projection step there is one more process piece that is essential. Now that your body is filled with light you need to connect to your heart energy, this is your unique Divine love core and all the light you have filled yourself with will pass through that core before traveling down your arms and out your hands. This way, you are constantly receiving replenishing support and you are giving from your personal love power as well.

When the light comes out of your hand you can do all kinds of things with it. I often practiced by simply sitting and growing orbs of different shapes and colors. One day, one of the orbs I’d grown turned a bright leaf green and became a machete. I was taken aback because I’m not a weapons person, but that machete was specifically grown to help me with chord cutting sessions for people in shamanic work.

You can also work with this reiki style and put your hand over a part of your body. The important thing when directing light work over a body or in space work, is your conscious thought. You must connect your thought to the light direction, ie hand over leg is saying thank you leg, this light is gratitude, this light is feeding endless support to you, you are loved and appreciated, etc.

Often people have a hard time thinking about the impact of thoughtful touch or light work, how is that truly impactful? Well, have you been in a disagreement with someone and had them touch you when touch wasn’t coming from love? Remember what that felt like? How about distracted touch? Asking for a back rub and someone is paying no attention but has their hand on you, how is that touch? And even when no words are said but a hand with an intention of “I love you” is placed upon you. Yes, we feel these things.

Lightwork blog part 2 will be coming soon. That blog will take this work and get specific on chakra directional work and space clearing. If there are specific topics you’d like to learn more about, please comment or message!

As always, BLESSED BE.



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