New Year, Manifest and Release: It’s Focus Time

Today is the last day of 2018. This year held a terrific amount of change for me and felt like a swirling whirlwind of life experience. In this past year, I was proposed to, got engaged, then I managed and enjoyed a diy backyard wedding, got married, had a miraculous gorgeous honeymoon, started 2 different jobs – one in January and one just days ago in December. When I returned home this past Friday, for a long weekend after starting my new job, I finally breathed a sigh of relief and sat down to rest myself a moment and it felt like I crumbled into comfort.

It feels as though I’d not rested in 2018, and that is untrue; I am a spirit who desperately needs quiet times and sought them out at bathhouse escapes whenever possible. Still, it is important to acknowledge truth from our feelings and my feeling of finally resting was because even when attempting to trick myself into res t at other times, it was structured escape from a busy being – this time, right now, it really is the moment I have to stop and breathe. Constant transition has actually come to a stand still for the moment and 2019 will bring change too, so I am taking advantage of this day. There is a ritual that is perhaps the most vital to me, I’ve not hardly missed in the last 15 years and I missed it this year! So, I’m doing it today.

Foregoing perfection for the sake of progress…

Ritual For The New Calendar Year

This ritual is ideally done with the last Full Moon prior to the calendar’s New Year. This year would have been epic to do in that timing, as the Winter Solstice and Full Moon had a closer relationship than we will see again until 2094. Alas… I am no perfect being and my yard is not yet ready for a fire pit, it still holds wedding remnants, and the day of the full moon I was weak and sensitive feeling and resting my body and hydrating took priority over moving chupahs and fire pits.

Write down what you are done with from 2018

I always write in categories, it stimulates focus and promotes balance. Categories are: Home, Body, Career, and Relationships.

Read the list to the moon

This part is somehow often overlooked but it is so important to let your words out. Say it out loud, I often look like I’m babbling to the moon – sometimes I whisper and sometimes I get loud and sometimes people can overhear and often they can’t, and sometimes I sit very still and sometimes I pace. What is important for me, is the conversation, take ownership of your words and decisions of what is no longer serving your highest good.

Look at what you said you are done with and read it out loud. Frequently say the words “I release” “I am done with”. …

Burn the list in the fire

Stick the paper in the fire nice and deeply. Don’t burn your skin. Breathe in. This part usually makes people smile as it burns. I’ve had surprise tears too. Sometimes we must grieve the things we leave behind, though they may no longer serve our highest good, that doesn’t necessarily make them easy to release, but it does make it important to do just that.

Light a prayer candle

Switching gears. Now you kindle a new fire, preferably a lasting candle that will live through several more lightings.

Read your manifestations for the New Year

Again, utilize the four categories so you are sure to manifest with balance. You may write this list in advance or on the spot. Once again it is important to speak out loud. This time I call to the moon and I say to her, “This is my future forecast of 2019.” Then I read the dream list. I thank her for her guidance and love and ask she is gentle and kind with my experience.


You did it! Now keep the candle and light it again to remember your manifestation declarations into the new year.

Manifesting tips: It is more vital you feel the good you are creating than that you picture it precisely. Know how a good relationship will feel but not how it looks? Good. Fine. Write how that good relationship feels. Let your feelings be a guide.

Remember that manifesting can be very literal. I wanted to run theatres… that’s what I said when manifesting… I pictured late nights and locking up after everyone. I should have said I wanted to be an Artistic Director; because I did end up with keys to many theatres and I often was the last to leave at night, just as I dreamed – except missing the creative components that would actually fulfill me.

I do not have a coven, I’ve practiced alone for many years. Time ago, I invited friends to join, at some point a massive movement joined the practice. Some years I don’t invite anyone, and some years nearly no one comes even when I extend an invite. The point is that I give myself permission to ritual and experience in all kinds of ways because I know that this activity is really productive for me. I have a considerable amount of life evidence that says this ritual works, and so do several people I have introduced this practice too. Again, like with many of these exercises, if you strip away the “hippie” components, you have an obstacle removal and goal focusing session – something most business people would say is a valuable productivity generator. I work hard to draw in the “hippie” components because I align with them, so they empower my practice and help me find and express my voice. Connection to nature is integral with my spiritual alignment. 

So… I am a day late but not a dollar short. On this, the last day of 2018, a year where challenging and beautiful things happened, a year where I remember my loved ones fondly, especially in how well that love grew, a year that we say good bye to now, today I forgive myself for tardiness in ritual. Today I moved forward anyway.

On to 2019… it’s almost here!!

My partner and I prioritized the New Year ritual, and just before sunset, just now, we moved the items in our yard to accommodate our fire. And so… it is perfect.

I have spirit digging to do now to do the ritual properly, and so I must finish this blog and focus on my ritual. I did write past examination yesterday and it made clear my releases are primarily behaviors of self-hate, they are not serving me in any way and it’s time to release them. So for many reasons it is clear that for me, 2019 is a year of self-love and self-care, the year of the holy vessel… my holy vessel. I’ll not explain all the issues I assessed that led me to this realization, but it is desperately true and I am up for the challenge.

Tomorrow I begin a three week liquid diet. It is a helpful tool for my system, my core, and my will. Diet practices are logged on @modmedwoman. I’m excited to step up to the plate and realize my potential in this increased commitment to my vessel.

Some people say “So what?” when it comes to the new year. It’s just another day, why bother with the commitments and life analysis? Me? I say, why not? I like the opportunity to improve myself and my circumstance, and an honest assessment of one’s own behaviors and values on an annual basis is wildly helpful. In fact, I enjoy a three new year process: Rosh Hashanah, Samhain, and the Gregorian calendar new year. Go ahead, judge me. I love all the new years!

Give me a chance. Give me a new day. With that day I will give you the greatness that lives in the flame of my soul and together we will give it air to burn burn burn.

2019 … The year that lights my temple’s fire… in honor and in reverence for life. 






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