March New Worm Moon

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March 21st is the new moon.

My Lunar Letters are written for subscribers, and emailed directly to their inboxes prior to every new and full moon. I do the work of reviewing the proclivities of any given time, the active energy at play due to cultural, seasonal, astrological reasons. Taking those things into account, I assign an intention, provide specific exercises, and suggest a lunar ritual that will suite the time.

This is a practice of aligning life work with the moon’s phases. It does mean self work. It also means life improvement from continued, focused self work. Each letter offers you tools. These letters are supportive, empowering, clarifying, fortifying. And yours for $5/month.

Each letter offers a small sampling of work for “limited capacity” life moments. Have five minutes? I’ll offer a brief opportunity for you connect in a valuable way.


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