First Full Moon in 2023

Stay Home Quiet Full Moon – January 06

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Lunar Letters is my subscriber only offering. Subscribers receive an email before every new and full moon, linking obstacle release with full moon and manifestation with new moon. This methodology is 100% unique, and a tangible, productive, empowering way to use our environment’s natural rhythm to support our life journey.

This full moon, the intention set is to utilize shadow work to determine effective transformative mantras to fortify you through 2023. My blog provides detailed exercises to give you the tools to serve the intention, and a ritual practice to do with the moon. As always, I offer a “limited capacity” ritual too, for those times where you only have 5 minutes to give.

The constancy of connection is hugely beneficial, if you make even a moment for connection each moon you will notice a massive life difference, and giving yourself permission to do it “imperfectly” is essential. If it isn’t accessible, it won’t happen. I have a quick jump link in each email to the limited capacity ritual, because something is always better than nothing, and in limited feeling times we need our support tools most.

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