Super Thunder Full Moon – Lunar Letter

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Using the natural rhythm of the moon for obstacle release (full moon) and goal setting (new moon) is a great way to bring your life designs to fruition. Each email I send is filled with a specific intention for that moon, detailed exercises, and moon ritual suggestions. Embracing the constancy and rhythm of this work will bring your life balance, awareness, focus, fortification, clarification, motivation, and empowerment.

We are now in the power window for the July 13 Super Thunder Moon. Subscribe now, and you will gain immediate practical tools to help use the energy already active with this moon to further benefit your personal life fulfillment.

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2 thoughts on “Super Thunder Full Moon – Lunar Letter

  1. One of the things I really love about these is that I don’t have to click anything to read it. It’s all here in the email. Thank you for that.



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