May New Moon – Lunar Letter

May 30th New Moon – Subscriber Content Only

Happy new moon to you all. The power window begins 3 days prior to every new or full moon. We have entered the power window for the coming new moon. Reading this content early can offer helpful preparation time.

New moon is a great time to meditate on your goals and refocus your creative energies on life productivity. My Lunar Letters offer information to reflect on with every new and full moon, meditations and rituals.

By using the structure of time as the moons tell it to us, we find peace in the greater rhythm of our environment. When you do the work in my lunar letters, you tap into a greater connection with your authentic self. As the ebb and flow of moons and seasons change, you will always find new methods of support and empowerment in my letters – offering you strength, ease, balance, relief, and motivation via detailed and accessible exercises.

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