Lunar Letter

New Moon, March 2nd

New moon is a time for projecting life designs.

When we utilize the lunar phases to implement the structure of obstacle release and life design work, we start to see that sometimes/often the natural rhythm is asking us to do something we wouldn’t otherwise do. Learning to meet yourself where you are and guide yourself from that truth is vital. With the right tools you can shift yourself to a better feeling and more productive place, renew your clarity, fortify your spirit. This lunar letter content helps you find ways to authentically connect to life design/manifestation/goal setting work even when, at first, you just don’t feel like it.

It is really such a gift to align yourself with these practices. We often push away tools that strengthen us when we most need them. When you commit to this practice, you offer yourself consistent opportunities to renew focus, shake off the shit, make space for hope, and receive helpful energy from the infinite non-depleting energy sources that surround you. Even if you don’t subscribe to my letters, I hope you find time to celebrate this new moon in a way that opens you to the better better better in your life.

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