Maybe You’re Already Satisfied

Lately, I feel like everybody is selling me something. Ads are everywhere. I’ve enlisted help from various types of tools to minimize this type of messaging in my life. But I can’t escape it, not completely. Plus, friends with hustles enter the picture and they push for me to buy their thing and it irks me.

Why? Why does it irk me? I respect the hustle. I may even respect the product. I hustle product too. This is how we all survive.


Can you release your sales pitch and let me be the one who decides if your product is needed in my life? Often, they cannot. WOOF, that’s where I get irked.

Tell me about your thing. Make sure you share the information with me, I am interested, it’s true. Then, let it go. I can promise you this, I know myself and I know my interests and I’m listening to your information and if I decide to literally buy in, you will know. My lack of support of your product is not a lack of support in you. I praise you for doing your thing. I will hope you praise me for doing mine, with or without your product.

How can I be so confident I know myself and my needs and wants?

Here’s a favorite saying of mine:

You will endlessly look for something to fulfill you, when the work is in allowing fulfillment itself.

Rituals like the one below really help.

The Truth of Satisfaction – Gratitude: Breathe It In

This simple practice can help you flip your give/receive switch, and is a direct counter to the constant bombardment of dissatisfaction narrative in consumer culture. Gratitude is a great way to center and live in the present, and this ritual will aid in fortification and clarity. This simple ritual, made a tremendous difference in my life experience. 

Light a candle and say aloud what you are grateful for, let the words flow from you without judgement or hesitation. There may be days where that doesn’t feel easy. Start small. Anything at all. You’ll find a list and joy that accompanies it. This is a great way for you to feel safe in what you already have and to identify what you truly love. Repetition of this will highlight your feel good areas and make it easier to grow that zone and let the rest fall away. Tune into what is already giving you good vibes and make space to receive them.

After you list each thing, pause a moment and breathe, feel your appreciation.

You do not need to be alone for this. You can do this in front of others. You can normalize it and bring it to the forefront of the lives of those you live with too. 

I have started this ritual in depths of low feels and ended up crying in joy and laughing and dancing. Let gratitude take you on its journey.


Take this experience into all moments with you. Feel like buying a new shirt? Go through your drawer of shirts one by one. Do you need all the shirts you have? Are you ready to get rid of any of the shirts you have? If you don’t like you own as much as the shirt you wish to buy, why do you own it? Perhaps this practice leads you to getting rid of shirts and buying that new shirt. Perhaps this practice leads you to realizing how many very fine shirts you already own.

When I take time for this I also get a lot of fulfillment from dealing with the mental ad clutter I have accumulated. Get internal and let your brain scroll through… give a yes or no or maybe to what you see. Love those eyelashes on you girl, I don’t need em. Please keep your under armour, I will keep my prominent curves. I like that oil but I don’t need it today. Your skin care line looks terrific, but I’ve already got mine and I’m not spending that money on face wash. ETC ETC ETC. Feels super good to see that list and let it go.

When you sit in your center, allowing all that you already have to fulfill you, you may just find you have considerable less need to acquire something else. Then, in the moments where you do opt for the something new, you are so much more likely to really appreciate it and have it be fulfilling for you.

Recognizing that the bombardment of the lie of dissatisfaction constantly being pitched to you, means simultaneously recognizing the truth of the satisfaction you can feel right now, if you simply pause to recognize and breathe in the fulfillment you already have.

Yes, I am writing a book. Yes, the above exercise will be in that book, along with so many more. When it comes time for that book to be for sale, I will offer to sell you my product with heart and enthusiasm and pride. I so hope that you use this exercise, so you are centered and confident and working from a place of fulfillment, before deciding if you’d like to buy my book and if it will truly be aligned with what is optimally good for you. Goddess, I’d feel so good knowing that.

Because, yes, most of us are selling something. That is not a thing to fault. Find the fallacies of dissatisfaction and fault them. Then, feel all that you have and how it feeds you. Rest in your truth of satisfaction. It’s a really lovely place that already exists, and you created it. Well done.


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