Clear the Clutter

What happens when you clear the clutter?

You make space to contain only what serves your highest good.

I’ve been focusing on manifestation. It was recently new moon, an ideal time to focus on manifesting, and life has contained chaos in one particular category, so I am redesigning that aspect to provide more inspiration, fun, stability, and fulfillment both personally and fiscally.

Let me break down a few pieces of what I just said. #1. New moon is a good time for manifestation, for me this concept is rooted in old Hindu teachings that a mentor of mine taught to me and I found it resonant and now much of my ritual exists with this concept. The first part of these teachings and my spiritual foundation/resonance is that connecting with earth and the elements present here keeps me centered in my strongest personal power. Ritual with the moon helps me remain in rhythm with this earth and when I work in rhythm my giving and receiving react most effectively, my anxiety is most removed, and my power is strongest. When there is no moon in the sky you call out your demands to the invisible moon and as the moon grows to full so do the asks you made grow to fruition. This way there is a lovely visible reminder of your demands guiding you and reminding you to focus on what you are commanding.

#2. I mentioned a category… when I ritual and when I do card readings and when I contemplate manifestation and release I utilize 4 categories to keep me balanced. Whenever I leave categories out I will feel the repercussions. The categories are (in no particular order): Home, Relationships, Career, Body.

When it is not as easy as throwing it all away… 

You may think this means I’m going home and getting out the old plastic bags for goodwill donations. #1. NOPE because I’d rather donate to a women’s shelter or Out of the Closet. #2. BIGGER NOPE because there is a step that comes before getting rid of clutter that can help you clear so much more than just the obvious extraneous items. That step? Clarity on manifestation. What DO you want in your life? MORE IMPORTANTLY… What do you want your life to feel like in each of the aforementioned categories? Feeling is so important because it allows you to leave important details blank and yet create manifestations that are full with how your it will feel to be fulfilled. And now comes my favorite technique of “vaguefacing“™.

Years ago I created the term vaguefacing for my manifesting practice. This is inspired by the technique that news shows would use of blurring faces of people being interviewed. Utilizing this technique when manifesting is so helpful because it is super freeing. When we insert too many visual details we can actually be creating limitations on our brain without intending to do so. Let’s say I’m manifesting in the relationship category and I picture the face of my partner but I ask for something out of character – maybe my partner has been in a depression and I’m asking for laughter and light-heartedness in relationship interaction, when I picture my partner and I laughing it may feel stilted, untrue or forced. Guess what? I’m gonna manifest some stilted, untrue, forced laughter between myself and my partner. SO I picture blurred face who laughs with me and now I feel much more free to just let that moment feel like whatever I really want it to be in my head. I no longer hold qualifiers about how we will possibly manifest that energy. I am also no longer in an iffy territory (that matters to me) of black magic, ie magic that commands another person’s energy. I am a Lightworker and believe that I’m to be responsible for my energetic commands by commanding them about myself and my environment only. You can blur environments too! Blur work! Blur home! But know how you feel and what you have in those environments.

So… where does this leave me in all the work that must get done?

First, I will write about my manifestations, because I need to exert my passion and clarity about what I’m commanding. So tonight I’ll sage a bit and then write in a notebook. I’ll utilize the four categories and give myself four pieces of paper to fill out.


Write what you manifest as you already have it. If you write what you want you manifest the want of that thing. If you write what you have then you manifest having it. When you say how you obtain something it increases stress as we are prone to obstacle thinking and seeing why we don’t already have something and… I can feel heart palpitations growing already… Stress will complicate the manifesting and it will create resistance to receiving. Also, when you don’t say how you leave it open for the universe to make it so much easier to piece the how together for you – compared to what we tend to do for ourselves. Maybe you say: I have a new job. Your answer to how is, 1. touch up my resume 2. look at job postings 3. submit to four jobs a day 4. etc… The universe says, How? Boom, here’s this “random interaction” that leads you to a lovely conversation that leads you to a perfect job! So don’t say how, say why! Open up the possibility of easier reception! Why actually can feel silly and good and lighthearted and it ends up removing stress and resistance. Like this: Home – I have a home that empowers my creative productivity. Why? I feel so good when I create. Being productive empowers my confidence and prosperity. ETC ETC – it is good to write 4 reasons why.

So tonight I will write to be clear on my manifestations and THEN I will be well prepared to remove clutter! In identifying how I want my life to look and feel in its big picture it helps me see what must be removed. I can actually use the four categories again and say – having that means releasing that. A reiki master I apprenticed with said, “How can you move forward when you are still holding on to something behind you?” Let me answer that, you cannot.

There is a truth that I will write about in a blog later, as we live in capitalistic society we are sold a lie of dissatisfaction everyday. Remember what satisfies you, what truly satisfies you. Work to stay in touch with that. Let the knowledge of those things fill you, this way you will manifest what you want and release what is in the way of you achieving life that resides in your present highest good.

Do not let fear be your guide. Often releasing what doesn’t serve us is limited by an internal voice that says, “But what if it will serve me later?” I’m sure there is a balance to be made here but if later is always pushed to later and later and later again. Perhaps you can admit to change and say if you need it later you will get it then. Everything is in a constant state of flux, your self should change, as your environment, your life factors, this world is all changing so it makes no sense for your self and the stuff you live with (clutter in mind/physical space/relationships/etc) to remain the same. Reanalyzing what you are today and what you need today will serve you tomorrow.

Remember that releasing behaviors and patterns is as important as releasing toxic relationships or simply items and trash from your life. If your own patterns of behavior are not serving your highest good, release that behavior and actively switch it to what will serve you. If you’ve already done the manifesting work I will bet you can identify what to release and what to keep with ease.

Release what you are holding onto behind you and you will be able to move forward!

Good luck, all. May this help us all live in our highest good. Blessed be.


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