April’s New Pink Moon Gift

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April 20th is the new moon. We are now in its power window.

Before every new and full moon, my subscribers receive letters that assign an intention to the upcoming moon, offer detailed tools to activate with that intention, and ritual methods to connect further in celebration with the moon.

Aligning life work with lunar phases, in the ebb and flow of release and manifestation, is a highly productive and centering strategy. Giving these letters a read and 5-20 minutes of your follow through, on a continuous basis is life transforming. Getting in rhythm with your natural environment is gratifying in tremendous ways.

This subscription is $5/month and if you provide you subscribe now and provide your email in the box below, you’ll receive the private content directly to your inbox before each and every new and full moon from now on.

Image of starry sky over tree. Text in sky reads "It's New Moon, Give yourself a gift"


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