Summer Solstice Inspiration

Today is the summer solstice, the beginning of summer and our longest day. Recognizing the energy of our environment, and leaning in to its offerings, strengthens our life experience. So today I spent time thinking on what summer solstice means and how I can use this time for growth and life enrichment.

Initial brainstorm of corollary environmental energy: Outdoors. Celebration. Joy. Less weight. Heat. Protein. Salad. Fruit. Memories. Adventure. Light. The obvious one, right? Light has many uses tho, so our practices can be varied in celebration.

Receiving light: Basking in the summer sun. If there is light in your life but you don’t receive it, then it is still dark. Receiving can be sneaky too, we often work with focus on giving and the receiving practice slips away. Then we are depleted, in need of retreat and repair to rectify the issue. If that’s where you are, it’s ok. You can find practices to aid your repair here.

Recognize the need to receive? Try this: the gratitude candle.

Light a candle and list everything you are grateful for, aloud. Doing this nightly will empower your experience in many ways, doing this in front of my family has brought surprisingly joyful results for all of us. I’ve done this exercise in truly low life moments and not known where to begin, so I start simply and make a list, one little gratitude at a time. More times than I can say, I’ve ended up blissful – sometimes crying, sometimes singing. Giving time and voice to all the gifts in life can really open the heart and mind. Gratitude is powerful soul food.

Cleansing light:

Our bodies store things and that can leave them feeling murky. Light is a great instrument for body and energy cleansing. Aligning light and breath work is powerful. Inhale a bulb of gold light up through your root (pelvic center), as you inhale draw the light up your body – filling your torso full and then exhale the light out of your crown (top of head), until the light showers around your whole body. Do this 3x.

Protective light:

Wrap yourself in gold light, clockwise 3x. When doing this for my space I might wrap my own body the first time, myself and bedroom the second, the entirety of the house the last time.

Let light shine:

I recommend you do some work on this one, make yourself some promises of activities. Put them on the calendar. Schedule them in your to-do lists.

This is a great time to let your light shine. You have so many lights tho, so do consider all of them, honoring what feels good for you: your social light, work light, talent light, kindness light, cuddle light, confidence light. This means allowing vulnerability, opening your heart and exposing your truth, so I remind you that boundaries are a glorious part of love and light. Being resolute with clarity of boundaries allows you to be more truly and fully open, because you feel safe to expand and be seen.

Remember: you deserve to be celebrated. You deserve to keep company with people who love your light and encourage it to grow. You deserve to honor the projects you see in your purpose and bring them to their full glory. You deserve to feel good. You deserve to feel really really good.

The sunflower: If this exercise feels familiar it’s because it was in the flower moon Lunar Letter that I wrote for my subscribers, that email was full of exercises inspired by different flowers. Physical exercises are great reinforcement for spirit. This exercise helps to keep strong roots while opening your heart and replenishing your spirit. SO SIMPLE. Barefeet and outside are ideals, but you can do this anywhere anytime. Root the feet, wiggling the toes into ground, feel that rich green stem energy moving up your legs – strengthening your stalks of strength 6feet tall with ease. Send your hands up to the sky, glowing arms of yellow petal that reach for sun. When the sun has warmed your finger tips enough, open the arms fully, letting light all the way to your heart as you arch back and feel the sun’s gold light feed your heart energy space. This exercise will help you root, restore, open your heart, beam, and replenish. Easy and fortifying.


Summer solstice blessing:

May life be filled with the laughter of summers at play. May the ease of flowers in bloom be the ease of experiences in bloom. May the light of spirit shine like the midday summer sun in all of its fiery glory. May the abundance in length of the day serve the abundance in fulfillments of moments. May relaxation and rejuvenation, like in a day at the beach, be felt in you daily throughout this season.

But, what happens if you get too much sun? You’ll be sick. In the heat of a summer day, we need shade, water, sustenance, and something cool. So while leaning in to the outward shine of light, prescribe yourself protected times of calm, introversion, hydration, and moon bathing. Eat of the summer fruit. Put your bare feet on the root of a tree that shades you and be grounded. Lay your body in the warm sand of a beach and dig into the dirt of our earth mama.

Now, go make some fun plans. Enjoy.

Blessed summer, loves.

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